Philosophy: Teaching/Mentoring is a two-way street where both achieves new learning


Mentor of 13 undergraduates and one high school student from diverse backgrounds, such as Women in STEM and LGBTQ. The mentees have received offers from prestigious universities, such as Stanford (PhD), Caltech (PhD, Bachelor's), Columbia (PhD, DDS), Cambridge, and UC Berkeley (Bachelor's). The mentees have published first-author papers in top journals, such as Mater. Today (2024), J. Mater. Chem. A . (2021), Nanoscale (2021), and VIEW (2022).

Teaching & Evaluation

1) BE 167L, Head TA, UCLA, Winter 2024 2) BE 167L, Head TA, UCLA, Winter 2023 2) BE C166/266, Co-Instructor, UCLA, Spring 2022 3) BE 167L, TA, UCLA, Fall 2021

Teaching & Evaluation

“Guorui was very friendly, helpful, and accommodating during every lab section!” "Guorui was one of the best TAs I've had at UCLA so far!” “Gary was super helpful when it came to our project and he made coming to lab section each week really fun.” “Gary was very knowledgeable of the course material and was very helpful both in and outside of class.” "Gary did a great job of organizing the discussion section and instructing our group on the content and labs we needed to complete on each specific day."

Academic Services

Served as an independent reviewer for top-tier journals, including Biosensors and Bioelectronics (IF 12.54), Advanced Fiber Materials (IF 12.95), Scientific Reports (IF 4.6), FlexMat, IEEE Journal on Flexible Electronics, and Discover Electronics on more than 90 times.